In France, we live for the croissant, In Italy the pizza. America boasts proudly that they single-handedly gave birth to the fast-food industry (and simultaneously a funeral to health), but when Africa is in your blood, there is little argument that in South Africa, STEAK is the 12th national language! 

Thanks to globalisation and the ever-trending love for cross-continental cultural fusion, we no longer need to slave to save or strap into a plane to salivate at these culinary wonders in their habitual sources. Intention does not always control quality, however, and for this reason, all cross-continental steaks, sadly are not equal. That being said, Mauritius, being the multi-cultured embrace we can only compare to “un câlin de ta grand-mère!” (or, “a hug from your Grandma!” for those who have not yet purchased a Babble subscription).

Due to increased expat-fuelled demands for quality red meat suppliers delivered in echoed choirs all around the island, Mauritius has become a lucrative market for local importers / suppliers over the past years.  With the “Braai” (Afrikaans slang for the English equivalent of Barbeque, but with a compulsory beer in the hand of the barefoot chef) becoming a multi-national word at roughly the same speed as South Africans are becoming global citizens, the vast majority of red meat (fresh or frozen) available on the island is imported from either Australia or South Africa (depending on which of the local butchers or online suppliers you choose).

Similarly, pricing has become rather competitive insofar as the influx of providers to the local market to meet the demands, strengthened by the power of e-commerce recently enveloping the island as a targeted means to reach hungry consumers.

An estimated price grid can be viewed below:


It is worth noting that Rodrigues Island (territory of Mauritius situated roughly 619Km off the east coast) humbly boasts some of the best grass-fed beef available in the Indian Ocean region. This well-kept secret is best experienced with the pristine backdrop of the unspoilt beauty and peace of the Rodrigues island terrain itself and is well worth the 90 minute flight.

It is safe to say: fear not sacrificing deep-rooted traditions or childhood cuisines when considering all the other sacrifices which may intertwine itself with a move across the pond.  Mauritius welcomes all red meat lovers!


Esmarie Swanepoel

Esmarie Swanepoel
Head of the Expat Desk (Temple Group)


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